Strategic content marketing to get more of

your ideal customers enrolled in your courses. 


SEO Blog Writing Services & Email Campaigns for Course Creators

Hi I’m Kerry, and I help more of your ideal customers enrol in your courses.

And I do that with SEO blog content & email nurture sequences.

You’ve probably been told that the only way to sell is “in the DMs”, by “engaging” or by expensive FB ad campaigns.

While all those can play a role, it also means you’re either:

  • always paying for your traffic 
  • constantly trading time for lead generation

I’m not one of these anti-social media people, but I do believe that in terms of sustainability, SEO & email marketing are far more effective in the long term because they don’t require you to be there in order to work. 

 But maybe you’re not sure how to curate a strategic SEO-focused content strategy or what to do with your subscribers apart from “blasting” them with info about your course.

It’s okay, that’s what I’m here to help you with. 

Imagine getting leads from something you published months ago?

‘Cause that’s the reality of good SEO content.

Google has one job: to provide the best solution to its end user. So it doesn’t care if your content is one day old or nine months old – if it’s still relevant to that searcher’s query then they want to put it in front of them. 

But this doesn’t just happen by magic.

It’s a result of a data-driven and research-intensive content marketing plan that puts your ideal customers and your wider business goals at the heart of everything.

Your intake process is the best I’ve seen.

I knew I wanted to keep creating blog posts that help my audience, and attract new humans to my website, but I didn’t have the time to research and write them myself anymore.

Your intake process is the best I’ve seen. The fact that you do an analysis and spend a lot of time diving into who I am, why I do what I do, and HOW I communicate it to my people is invaluable. My biggest hestiation with hiring someone to write my posts is that they would sound cookie-cutter, and not like myself. And to have a copywriter that cares about that, is open to feedback, and typically writes how I write….you’re amazing.

Mariah Liszewski

SEO Educator & Strategist , Mariah Magazine Studios

People on Google are looking for you!

Nobody mindlessly scrolls through Google – they go there with a purpose, with a problem that they need solving.

Your course could be the solution to their problem – and they can discover it through your content.

Cause here’s the thing…

We want to learn from people we’ve already learnt from. 

Who are you more likely to invest in?

Some random person you’ve never heard of who interrupts your browsing with their paid ad.


Someone who has already helped you solve a problem and learn something helpful?

I know which one I’d choose…  

Cartoon google bot
Copyhackers 10x email badge certification

Like someone studied us for a year to write a biography.


Kerry is incredible at what she does! She actually tailored the copy to us so much, it seemed like someone studied us for a year to write a biography. She definitely exceeded our expectations and we’re so excited about working together!

Working with Kerry has been really enjoyable. She is very approachable, open to ideas and immediately understands our needs and desires.

Elena & Semion Tsysaruk

Video Editors , Create & Elate Productions

SEO Content Writing Services

I have different packages to fit your needs and budget. Apart from one-off bundles you can also hire me on retainer – this means I’ll write regular content for you and it also comes with a discount.

Click that wee button to check what I can offer you and how much it costs. 

kerry campion with a face mask near a fence

SEO Content + Email? = A whole lotta sales

I like social media as much as the next guy, but the numbers just don’t lie: email is still the king when it comes to conversions.

Don’t believe me?

The email conversion rate is around 3%, sounds low, right? Until you hear that the average conversions from social media are only 0.5% (Campaign Monitor).

Email ain’t dead, but it only works if you know how to create a strategic email campaign.

That’s where I can help you.

I write highly targeted and conversion focused email campaigns to make sure you get more happy students on your courses, whether you’re launching a brand new course or revamping an old one.

Email Copywriting Service

Email is an oldie but a goldie – this 80 year old technology is still killing it when it comes to conversions. I offer a couple different email nurture sequence packages.

Click that wee button to check what I can offer you and how much it costs. 

The copy sounds like me when I read it!

I was doing nothing with my growing email list. I needed help converting them to clients and didn’t feel like I had the time nor the skills to do it.

The copy sounds like me when I read it!

It’s so comprehensive with every email having a purpose and because it anticipates common behavioural patterns amongst recipients we can create an email exactly for that in order to maximise effectiveness.

Doing the customer interviews wasn’t something I was expecting but I consider it going above and beyond to produce the best work possible for me.

Alex Barron

French Coach, French in Plain Sight

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