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that works like a 24hr sales rep

I write copy that’s backed by a rigorous research process which helps people say YES to buying from you.

So what kind of stuff are we talking here?

 There are a few different ways to work with me. I’m at my best working on sales pages, email sequences and content for service-based businesses.

Website Copy

Say goodbye to dull and generic website copy that has everyone clicking out and running to your competitor.

Sales Pages

Attract the perfect customers with a persuasive sales page (with none of the sleaze).

Email Sequences

Nurture your leads the right way and you’ll turn creepers into clients.


Build SEO, gain authority and get those social shares with value-packed blog posts (that don’t read like a boring research paper).

Website Copy "Health Check"

An in-depth audit of your website copy or sales page so you can optimise it for sales or leads. I offer an in-depth language analysis for non-native speakers so they can also improve their English.

What are they saying about me?

Afraid that I could be another one of those “picked-up-a-pen-once-now-I’m-a-copywriter” type of person?

The copy sounds like me when I read it!


I was doing nothing with my growing email list. I needed help converting them to clients and didn’t feel like I had the time nor the skills to do it.

The copy sounds like me when I read it!
It’s so comprehensive with every email having a purpose and because it anticipates common behavioural patterns amongst recipients we can create an email exactly for that in order to maximise effectiveness.

Doing the customer interviews wasn’t something I was expecting but I consider it going above and beyond to produce the best work possible for me.

Alex Barron

French Coach, French in Plain Sight

It seemed like someone studied us for a year to write a biography.

We needed someone to help us transform our creative ideas into captivating words. Specifically, we were searching for someone to support us with the copy for Instagram captions and newsletter, and we couldn’t be happier with our choice of hiring Kerry.

Kerry is incredible at what she does! She actually tailored the copy to us so much, it seemed like someone studied us for a year to write a biography. She definitely exceeded our expectations and we’re so excited about working together!

Working with Kerry has been really enjoyable. She is very approachable, open to ideas and immediately understands our needs and desires.

Elena & Semion Tsysaruk

Video Editors , Create & Elate Productions

It’s gold!!!

“Kerry, I’ve just read through the “health check” report you did for our website and I’m soooooo inspired!!! You’ve highlighted the places that could use some extra work, AND given me ideas on HOW to fix it. My team and I have already agreed to meet on Monday morning to start putting this stuff into action because it’s gold!!! Thank you so much!

Kate Bingeman

English Language Coach, English Anywhere

Kerry is an excellent copywriter. She’s easy to work with and goes all out to check up on me if I have any questions. I highly recommend Kerry to anyone, especially if English isn’t your mother tongue. Thanks Kerry for everything you’ve done and more!

Janice Celia

Business Coach

“[Your audit] was incredibly helpful. Your insight has given us some very clear guidance on what needs to be done. The way you’ve laid it out has made it very simple to follow [and] your advice will certainly lead to huge improvements in our user experience. Thank you so much!!”

Ian Lacey

English Teacher

So, who am I?

The “too long didn’t read version” is that I’m a research-driven copywriter who knows the value of a good story. I don’t just spend hours researching your target market and competitors, I work hard to craft a brand story that helps your customers genuinely connect with you.

Are we a match made in heaven?
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