What’s the craic? I’m Kerry

I’m a copywriter whose gig is to create story-rich copy that’s driven by research and not wild guesses.

I write copy that works for you like a 24hr sales-rep. My research-driven approach ensures that what I write is exactly what your customers (and customers to-be) want and need to hear to put their objections to rest and trust you enough to buy from you.

But before I dish the details about my life and how I got to where I am today, I’d like to talk about you.

You’re here because you’re bloody tired.

You want to outsource that all-important copy. The type of copy that increases your conversions and automates your sales process and you want to learn more about me to see if I can be trusted with it. 

That’s great – I’m glad you’re here. But if you identify with any of the following statements then you don’t need to read further – I’m NOT your copywriter if…

👉You are only in business to make money instead of helping people

👉You are more worried about instagram followers than conversions in your business

👉You try to sell “get-rich-quick” schemes

If any one of those are you then you can find someone else. If not, let me tell you about my journey into copywriting.


It was a long walk for a short drink of water 

Apart from working in marketing and PR my experiences in sales and creative writing also taught me a lot about my job (although I had no idea at the time!)

Wondering how?

1) I had to sell disgusting tripe to dog owners on a tight deadline. Read here about what that taught me about marketing and copywriting.

2) I learnt the importance of personalizing the sales process when I used to sell wine and other alcoholic drinks. (It’s a technique that I still use in my email copywriting in particular).

3) I wrote an entire novel in a month. Nobody paid me a brown penny to do it, I did it of my own volition. What it taught me about the discipline of writing and editing plus holding a reader’s attention will stay with me for the rest of my life. (#NaNoWriMo2017)

That was all back in my life in Ireland, but I had itchy feet so I took a quick four year “gap year” to teach English in Spain.

I enjoyed it and thought I’d be happy taking this work online…until I realized I was way more passionate about the marketing side of things than the actual teaching. Realizing this paralysed me and I wasn’t sure where to go from there. I knew there was no way I was going to build a business around something that didn’t inspire the hell out of me.

Kerry is a wonderful and talented copywriter. I highly recommend Kerry to anyone, especially if English isn’t your mother tongue. She explains using practical tools that are simple to understand, nothing too complicated that you can’t understand. She helped me with my content, I was overwhelmed with writing and she dissects it into a small bite-size structure so I can write with ease. I feel more confident now.
Janice Celia

Business coach, 1:1 consultation client *only available to my email list*

Then I attended a seminar about copywriting.

I had always assumed that copywriting was about writing product descriptions of mops or something, but after that seminar I started to understand how much art went into copywriting. 

So I decided to jump right in and to do a copywriting diploma, then I started working tentatively on some small projects. The more I did it, the more convinced I became that this was the right move for me.

I’ve been so blessed to learn from amazing mentors like Mark Foster who’s worked for major brands like Barclay’s and Nikon and Belinda Weaver who’s built up a six-figure copywriting business. 

They’ve been like my Mr Miagi.




What is good copywriting all about?


I’ve learned that writing good copy isn’t about hype or using sleazy tactics that dupe and manipulate: it’s about creating genuine connections with your customers and opening the doors for two-way communication. It’s about understanding your customers inside out, telling them a story and putting our big fat egos aside and listening to them.

I’ve also learned that copy not backed by research is cute, but useless.

Without research you’re flinging spaghetti at the wall and hoping something will stick – you might get lucky once or twice, but that won’t work in the long term. As a business owner, whether you’re a freelancer, have a small team or you’re a larger organization it’s time to stop thinking about copy as just words on a page.

Your copy is the voice of your business, the main point of contact for your customers and your best salesperson. 

It’s there day and night to help your ideal customers decide that doing business with you is the right move. So if you’re ready to generate more sales, build brand loyalty, increase engagement and help automate your sales process, then you can send me an email at the bottom of this page.

I can’t wait to meet you.

Slán go fóil,



6 Facts About me


Amazon treehouse rat

I once slept in a treehouse in the Amazon and a giant rat got in. It was not fun


All the music

My taste in music is so eclectic that Spotify once recommended Taylor Swift and Rage Against the Machine in the same playlist


I get lost a lot…

I once got lost in the palace of Versailles on my way to the toilet. The security guard had to escort me back to my friend and husband like a lost child at the supermarket… 


Road Trips FTW

I ADORE camper vans. I’ve done two road trips in camper vans: one in Ireland and another from Spain all the way up to the north of the Netherlands 


Language Lover

I speak Spanish and French and have dabbled in other languages such as Irish and Dutch. Some day I’d love to speak fluent Irish


Animal Lover

I used to own eight rabbits and five guinea pigs not to mention dogs and cats. I want to adopt a cat and call him Bartholomew  

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