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blog posts

build SEO & authority within your niche

Want to be seen as an expert in your field? Then you need a well written blog full of informative articles that are designed to educate and delight your readers. These can be stand-alone pieces or repurposed from your other content such as YouTube videos and podcasts.



keep in touch with your subscribers

One of the best ways to keep your list engaged with your work and content is to create a regular newsletter. This will help them build trust with you so that when it comes time to sell they’re more likely to buy from you.

social media content

build that all important know-like-and-trust

Social media is a great way to allow people to engage with you and your brand in a very personal way. The right type of content will help encourage them to interact and buy from you. So if you’re spending too long scratching your head about what to write on instagram or on your linkedin profile you can call me in to do it for you.


What's the craic? I'm Kerry...


And I’ve been writing content and articles on and off the page for about ten years now. I’ve done it for both work and pleasure, setting up my first blog at 18 and writing various articles and creative non-fiction for a few different publications.

I write blogs that will help turn your content strategy into a revenue generating ecosystem – no piece of content should be an island. That means your blogs should not only be informative and useful for your readers but should contribute to your search engine rankings and capture leads that can later be nurtured into customers.

┬áNot enough people are exploiting blogs to their full potential because they’re too focused on social media. And while social media definitely has its place in your content strategy, you don’t own any of it and it can all disappear in a puff of air (remember MySpace, Bebo….?)

Blogs are yours and they can differentiate you as a real thought-leader within your industry. So if you’re ready to start looking like a pro then send me an email at the bottom of this page about your needs.


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