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The client

Preply is a series C EdTech platform that offers its users personalized 1-on-1 language lessons taught by the best online tutors.

What brought Preply to me?

Preply were scaling their content marketing efforts, but they didn’t want to scale at the expense of quality. They were searching for writers who not only had experience writing for EdTech, but were language learning enthusiasts themselves. “As a brand we have a lot of authority, hence why we were looking for experts to help us,” comments Naomi Boitel, Head of Content at Preply.

She shared a post in a Slack community that I’m a part of saying she needed help publishing a series of top-of-funnel Spanish language articles for the platform. The goal was to attract Spanish learners to raise brand awareness for Preply.

I got very excited when I saw it.

My experience aligned perfectly with what Preply were looking for. I had Edtech writing experience, specifically in the language learning niche, with companies like ELT Songs. I had even co-founded and ran marketing at my own language learning EdTech venture, Interpolly. Furthermore, I speak three languages myself and I taught English for years. I also know a thing or two about ranking content in search engines which was important to Naomi (see how I increased traffic for this client by 202%).

Thankfully, Naomi felt the same about my experience being a perfect fit.

What I did

Due to my experience and high level of fluency in Spanish, Naomi decided to team up with me to produce three articles for Spanish learners. I was given a light brief with the target keyword and a great brand voice guide so I could infuse the content with Preply’s friendly and supportive tone of voice. The rest was up to me.

As part of my research for the Catalan vs Spanish article I interviewed two native Catalan speakers to furnish me with some insider cultural knowledge, which was something that was lacking in competitors’ articles. I also leaned heavily on my own in-depth knowledge of the Spanish language and Spanish culture to make the article more unique, such as highlighting Mallorquín and Valenciano, both lesser-known dialects of Catalan.

The other two articles were focused on Spanish grammar, which was music to my grammar-nerd ears. Teaching grammar to English students for years taught me a few tricks of the trade about how to make grammar engaging and I also included some exercises readers could do to put their knowledge to the test. Naomi liked this idea and got her designer to create branded downloadable worksheets.

I was given a list of 3-5 internal links to include in the articles but for each one I did an internal site search to dig up other related articles to improve internal linking. I also collaborated with Preply’s wonderful editor, Rebekkah, to make sure we had dotted all our I’s and crossed all our T’s.

Read the articles

Stem-Changing Verbs

Spanish vs Catalan

Demonstrative Adjectives

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