Creating a content runway for an ebook promotion

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The client

Iceberg is a revenue operations consulting and implementation agency working with SMBs. Founder, Taft Love, is a veteran in the operations space and has consulted 5 unicorns, such as Oyster and Pandadoc.

The problem

As a small B2B company, Iceberg knows that they’ll never win at scaling their marketing, so they must win on thought leadership. Like a lot of B2B sales-led companies, this means that their content marketing’s primary role is to support sales. With that in mind, Iceberg publish industry-leading ebooks on topics they know their ICP cares most about.

Iceberg knew that Product-Led-Sales (PLS) was a lucrative topic to produce content on because more and more of their clients, traditionally sales-led companies, were layering on product metrics and self-serve options to acquire customers. Thankfully, Iceberg were already experts at PLS so the content team’s job was to help everyone else see that. To position Iceberg as a thought leader in the PLS space they decided that their next ebook should be about how lean teams can layer on PLS to their go-to-market strategy.

Their other copywriter, Annie, worked extremely hard on the ebook (and nailed it!) so it was my job to produce additional content to help build awareness of Iceberg’s knowledge of PLS. We didn’t want to publish the ebook without any nurturing first. We wanted to create a “content runway” to start teasing out the ebook’s release and already generate conversations about PLS before the official release. You’ll always see higher download rates (or adoption rates if we’re talking about a new feature) if you warm up your audience first.

What I did

I started off by building a small topic cluster of articles around Product-Led-Growth (PLG). While SEO was a secondary concern for this project, we still wanted to boost visibility in search engines around this topic and generate more downloads of the ebook via organic traffic.

Building the cluster involved researching and choosing appropriate keywords for our content and conducting competitor research to see how we could make our content the best. Most competitor articles lacked first-hand experience and any type of brand narrative, so I made sure that Taft’s expertise shone through the content. We always had a weekly stand-up to sync up on what we were working on and this was also my opportunity to get Taft’s unique insights on the topics I was writing about.

I also managed the content calendar for this project to make sure we stuck to publishing schedules and the team had visibility on things like when reviews were due for drafts and what was published when.

Finally, I wrote and published a series of articles from the cluster and also created “distribution documents” to repurpose content from the ebook and the articles on channels like LinkedIn.

Here’s a sample of a linkedin post I wrote which was repurposed from my article about a PLG tech stack.

Read the articles

As a small team with constantly shifting priorities, we didn’t get to finish the full cluster, but we did manage to publish a few articles which you can find below.

PLG Tech Stack

PLG Metrics

PLG for B2B SaaS

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