Email Copywriting Services

Sell while you sleep with automated email campaigns.

automate your sales process 

let your emails sell for you

Imagine having a salesperson who works all day every day, never takes a break and who you only pay once? That’s basically what it’s like having a great automated email campaign. 


launch email sequences

nurture your subscribers into buyers

Got a launch coming up? A launch email sequence will help you 10x your sales efforts with all the right psychological triggers in place to make sure more people say yes to your new offer.

re-engagement campaigns

guilty of ghosting your email list?

Turn those cold leads red hot with a re-engagement campaign designed to recapture and nurture leads that have gone cold from lack of engagement 


What's the craic? I'm Kerry...

And when you hire me to be your email copywriter you don’t just get a writer – you get an email strategist. My writing process is backed by a robust research process that allows me to write the words that your prospects need to hear in order to say YES to buying from you.

Don’t tell the others but email is my favourite type of copy to write.  I know that when I’ve nailed it I’ve just automated the sales process for my client – and that’s worth its weight in gold.

Disclaimer: I do not charge in gold I will accept euros, dollars, pounds or a lifetime supply of Cadbury’s chocolate.


The copy sounds like me when I read it!


I was doing nothing with my growing email list. I needed help converting them to clients and didn’t feel like I had the time nor the skills to do it.

The copy sounds like me when I read it!

It’s so comprehensive with every email having a purpose and because it anticipates common behavioural patterns amongst recipients we can create an email exactly for that in order to maximise effectiveness.

Doing the customer interviews wasn’t something I was expecting but I consider it going above and beyond to produce the best work possible for me.

Alex Barron

French Coach, French in Plain Sight

My Process

We start off with an obligation free discovery call. This helps me get a better idea of the scope of your project, offer recommendations and see if we would be a good fit to work together. I then a send a proposal with the price and if you accept we go onto the next phase.


I send you the copywriting brief. This is a questionnaire where you fill in crucial details about your business.

We then schedule a meeting to go over it in-depth.

We go deep on unconvering your USP, your target audience, your offer and your competitors.



I do additional market research and “voice of customer” mining. This usually involves speaking to your customers in a series of interviews (that’s where we get the real juicy stuff). I also analyse your voice using various software to help me nail your unique voice.



Write, write, write.

You have two rounds of revisions so there is plenty of scope to fine-tune your copy just the way you want it.



Once any revisions are complete I proofread the final copy (almost there!)



You get your copy! Time to publish that bad boy.


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