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I do things a little differently around here…

I’m obsessed with doing my best work and I can only produce my best work when I work with clients whose businesses seriously interest me. It also helps if they already have a great vision and understand where they want to take their business.

I reject requests to work with me if I feel that someone’s business isn’t a good fit for my services. This isn’t me blowing smoke up my ass and thinking I’m super important or exclusive. 

It’s about you: you’ll get the best return on investment when you work with someone whose values and work ethic match your own. 


If you’ve got a remarkable business, then I’d love to work with you

Does this sound like you?

  • You have a big vision for your business that goes way beyond “make money.” You actually want to make a big impact on the lives of the people you serve
  • You want your business to be so important to your audience that they’d actually miss you if you were gone
  • You understand the value of content that builds a tribe and organically grows a community
  • You don’t want to play it safe by being the same as everyone else 
  • You respect your business too much to go buy hack content-farm articles for $50 a pop
  • You understand the importance of hiring someone who takes the time to do proper research to write something that’ll resonate with your audience & drive conversions 

If all that sounded like you then we could have a great working relationship. If, however, it turned you off working with me then it’s probably best that we part ways now. 


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Please let me know why you started your business
Not even amazing copy will save a business that only exists to make a lot of money.
Copy works when it serves a specific audience. If your audience is too broad or you don't know why you serve the people you serve the result will always be bland, untargeted messaging (that doesn't convert).
Why do you want to hire someone to write SEO or email copy?