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How much is your website costing you right now?

Your website’s job is to pull in leads from people searching for your solution, to showcase your authority and the value that you can provide to potential clients & customers.

That’s why you invested in having one in the first place, right?

So why pay for hosting, a domain name, web designers, a domain email address, web builders & plugins if your website isn’t actually being found by anyone?

How much money is that poured down the drain?

1K? 5K? More?

If I was to ask you, right now, what’s the return on investment of your website, could you tell me?

I want you to do something radical right now.


I want you to believe that your website can pull in leads for you while you chill.

[Or work-out, or play with your kids, or get on with your actual work, or sit on the sofa watching Netflix….]

I want you to believe that your ideal customers can find you instead of you having to chase them. 

I want you to believe that you’ll earn authority and trust by being found on search engines. 

I really need you to believe that it’s possible, because it is. 

Where are all my X-Files fans at?

Meet your SEO Copywriter

My name is Kerry and I’m a copywriter for course creators, coaches and consultants. I specialize in the areas of SEO & email copywriting.

Put simply, I’m very serious about helping business owners (aka legends) like you monetize and generate leads from their OWN platforms.

Content I write gets direct responses from hot leads, helped brand new websites pull through to page #1 on Google (so you don’t need to be a big shot to harness SEO) and they’ve generated a lot of social shares & email sign-ups.

That’s because my research process is pretty intense. I get on interviews with your customers, I scour the internet for market research, I write up surveys, I dive deep into what your business helps people achieve and of course, keyword & competitor research.

But all of that is so I can write for HUMANS.

That means creating content that’s empathetic, entertaining and so damn useful for your target audience that they can’t help but sign up to your newsletter or share your blogs.

We have felt guided by Kerry and able to rely on
her advice and expertise, while also feeling listened to by her.


We provide ESL learning solutions for parents and teachers. We hired Kerry because we wanted to bring some additional value to our site and some context to our video content.

We were not only impressed by the content of the copy, but by the collaborative approach from the information gathering at the start, the open style in which Kerry shared what she wanted to do and why, and finally the delivery of copy which was ready to copy straight into a blog with all html coding ready.

We have felt guided by Kerry and able to rely on her advice and expertise, while also feeling listened to by her. We feel like we have created a great working partnership already, which extends beyond the scope of her copy writing. For example, sharing her opinions on email campaign management companies.

Ben Carter

ELT Songs

The guys at ELT Songs are ranking on the first page of Google in various countries for keywords I’ve optimized their content for.

They’ve broken through to page 1 despite the fact that their website is brand new and various keywords were classed as hard to rank for.


Blogs I’ve written, like this one for a Pinterest Strategist & Educator, have generated direct leads for their business. This particular post is ranking for various highly relevant keywords related directly to her offer.

Your intake process is the best I’ve seen.

I knew I wanted to keep creating blog posts that help my audience, and attract new humans to my website, but I didn’t have the time to research and write them myself anymore.

Your intake process is the best I’ve seen. The fact that you do an analysis and spend a lot of time diving into who I am, why I do what I do, and HOW I communicate it to my people is invaluable. My biggest hestiation with hiring someone to write my posts is that they would sound cookie-cutter, and not like myself. And to have a copywriter that cares about that, is open to feedback, and typically writes how I write….you’re amazing.

Mariah Liszewski

SEO Educator & Strategist , Mariah Magazine Studios

Mariah is a dream to work for. She is an amazing SEO Strategist and her valuing my work like this truly means the world to me.

SEO Copywriting: your gateway to qualified leads chasing YOU

SEO copywriting is making sure that your copy not only resonates with your ideal audience, but that it’s understood by Google, meaning they can show it to the people who need you most.

That means:

  • Content is backed by vigorous keyword and market research so your content is relevant and resonates with the right audience
  • We see what’s being ‘rewarded’ by Google for that keyword to make sure we’re matching our content to user intent 
  • We create a comprehensive content marketing strategy that is designed to build links, drive conversions and boost your authority in your niche
  • Proper formatting to provide an excellent reading experience for the end user & reduce bounce rate 
  • Help Google understand what your content is about and categorize it so it can show it to the relevant people (aka your ideal customers who are literally looking for you online)

SEO copywriting isn’t about getting traffic.


It’s about getting targeted traffic and then converting that traffic.


Traffic on its own is a vanity metric, if it isn’t turning into anything in your business then it’s worthless. 


👉We want email sign-ups. 


👉We want enquiries asking about your services. 


👉We want, dare I say it…direct sales. 


SEO is about the freedom to get all of that without constantly cashing in on the most limited resource we have: time.


Here’s what you get when you hire me to be your SEO Copywriter

I work with clients on a one-off basis or on a regular retainer.

All of my current retainer clients hired me for an initial project then kept me as a regular part of their team.

When you hire me to write for you, you don’t just get words on  a page. You get strategy 👇

Market Research

this involves me finding your ideal customers online on things like forums, course reviews, YouTube channels and social media to do what’s known as “social listening”. I find out what struggles they’re having and talking about publicly to help us refine our messaging.

Competitor Analysis

we can find great opportunities by analysing what’s currently working (or not) for your competitors. This isn’t about copying what someone else is doing, rather it’s about seeing what your market is looking for and how we can differentiate ourselves and do better.

Customer Interviews

I hop on a zoom call with some of your past customers/clients. My goal here is to get a full picture of the customer’s journey, from the initial problem to the transformation you helped them achieve. This helps me build out a content plan and create content that speaks to different stages in the customer journey. They also double up as amazing testimonials for your business.

Scope out opportunities with your current content:

sometimes you’re ranking for some great keywords already! But the problem is that the content attached to them is buried away on page 6 of Google. We can optimize this content and help it rank.

Keyword Research:

this is where I geek out…HARD. It’s fascinating to see what type of problems people are trying to solve online and how it relates to your offer. I track down the best, most relevant keywords for our content and help your ideal customers find you on Google.

Free guide on how to further optimize your website:

SEO involves a lot of ranking factors. That’s why I provide my clients with a guide to help them understand the other aspects of SEO such as technical SEO, link building and website speed (in plain English). I don’t handle these aspects myself, but I provide excellent and trusted recommendations for other SEO strategists who can help you with these.

Retainer Client Bonuses: what extra benefits do my regular clients get?

Like someone studied us for a year to write a biography.


Kerry is incredible at what she does! She actually tailored the copy to us so much, it seemed like someone studied us for a year to write a biography. She definitely exceeded our expectations and we’re so excited about working together!

Working with Kerry has been really enjoyable. She is very approachable, open to ideas and immediately understands our needs and desires.

Elena & Semion Tsysaruk

Video Editors , Create & Elate Productions

My SEO Content Writing Packages

1 Monthly SEO Optimized Blog Post [Retainer Option]

Get regular, lead-generating content on your website to pull in qualified potential customers.

These can also be from a podcast or YouTube video to make sure SEO is contributing to your audience growth.


2 Monthly SEO Optimized Blog Post [Retainer Option]

Perfect if you want to put out more content from your website.  

These can also be from a podcast or YouTube video to make sure SEO is contributing to your audience growth.


Cornerstone Content Package - so much more than a blog bundle.


The Cornerstone Content Package is my answer to the classic ‘blog bundle’. It’s a one-off collection of blogs with a highly targeted strategy for people who don’t want to commit to regular content marketing.

It consists of: 

1 highly in-depth piece of ‘cornerstone content’: this piece tackles a competitive keyword that you’d most like you site to rank for. I create a strategy to make sure this piece does some major heavy lifting in helping you rank for a highly relevant keyword.

5 ‘content cluster’ articles: these smaller articles consist of easier-to-rank-for related topics to the main cornerstone piece. Each article exists as a great piece of content in its own right but no post is an island: they all contribute to a high ranking ecosystem of content.

 This is a highly targeted SEO content strategy to help you rank for the most crucial keywords related to your offer. 


Need SEO web copy? Read this 👇

As websites are so individual and have many different needs I’d really need to work out an individual quote for you.

You can fill out the form at the end of this page to get the ball rolling or you can send me an email if you have any questions.

Here’s how you can hire me to write for you

I’m obsessed with doing my best work and I can only produce my best work when I work with clients whose businesses seriously interest me. It also helps if they already have a great vision and understand where they want to take their business.

I reject requests to work with me if I feel that someone’s business isn’t a good fit for my services. This isn’t me blowing smoke up my ass and thinking I’m super important or exclusive. 

It’s about you: you’ll get the best return on investment when you work with someone whose values and work ethic match your own.  If you believe that to be true also, then you can fill out a short questionnaire below about your interest in possibly hiring me (this is zero commitment! It’s jus to get a feel for you and your business). 

I usually respond within 2-3 working days.


If you’ve got a remarkable business, then I’d love to work on your SEO copy

Does this sound like you?

  • You have a big vision for your business that goes way beyond “make money.” You actually want to make a big impact on the lives of the people you serve
  • You want your business to be so important to your audience that they’d actually miss you if you were gone
  • You understand the value of content that builds a tribe and organically grows a community
  • You don’t want to play it safe by being the same as everyone else 
  • You respect your business too much to go buy hack content-farm articles for $50 a pop
  • You understand the importance of hiring someone who takes the time to do proper research to write something that’ll resonate with your audience & drive conversions 

If all that sounded like you then we could have a great working relationship. If, however, it turned you off working with me then it’s probably best that we part ways now. 


Just fill out this form if you’re interested in possibly hiring me

I’ll get back to you in around 2-3 working days, I can’t wait to hear from you!

Please let me know why you started your business
Not even amazing copy will save a business that only exists to make a lot of money.
Copy works when it serves a specific audience. If your audience is too broad or you don't know why you serve the people you serve the result will always be bland, untargeted messaging (that doesn't convert).
Why do you want to hire someone to write SEO or email copy?

Got questions about hiring me as your SEO Copywriter?

Do you offer revisions?

Yep! I offer a free round of revisions on all the copy I write. This means that I can finesse it for you just the way you want it after writing up the first version.

What’s the process of hiring you?

First of all I ask you to fill out a short questionnaire about your business. These questions are pretty deep, but the reason I ask for them before setting up a discovery call is to see if we’d be a good fit to work together.

I reject requests to work with me from business owners who I feel would be better served by someone else. It’s nothing personal, I just believe that working with perfect-fit clients is the best way to ensure that I produce my best work.

If I feel like we might be a good fit to work together then I’ll invite you on a discovery call. This is just a 30 minute chat to talk about your needs and to get any additional information about what you might need.

If we decide to go ahead and work together I’ll send you a 50% commencement invoice and once you pay your project is officially locked in my calendar.

I’m afraid you won’t sound like me - how do you write like me and not you?

This is the #1 fear of all business owners and I’m glad they worry about it because it means they take their copy seriously.

I carry out my own process of what I like to call “voice analysis” to help me nail your brand voice. That involves running your copy through some different programs to get a feel for cadence, tone and the type of vocabulary that you use.

I also take a deep dive and stalk you a bit on social media and bring all my notes together in one document.

Not only this, but I make sure I pull out things like your brand voice, values and tone during the copybrief meeting.

Here are quotes from my actual clients:

The copy sounds like me when I read it!” – Alex Barron, French in Plain Sight

Kerry tailored the copy to us so much, it was like someone studied us for a year to write a biography.” – Elena and Semion Tsysaruk, Create & Elate Productions

The fact that you do an analysis and spend a lot of time diving into who I am, why I do what I do, and HOW I communicate it to my people is invaluable.” Mariah Liszewski, Mariah Magazine Studios

Do you write other copy apart from SEO content and email campaigns?

Yes I do, it’s just that those two services are what I emphasise the most. If you have any other type of copy that you want written, feel free to drop me an email and I’ll let you know if I’m currently available for your type of project.

The only things I don’t write are Facebook and PPC ads.

What can I say? I’m an organic traffic kinda girl.

Can I see your writing portfolio?

Sure you can.

At the time of writing I haven’t made it live yet because I’m working on making it interactive and curating it so it really reflects the work that went behind the words.

If you’d like some writing examples just get in touch  and I’ll fire some your way (and don’t worry I won’t bombard you with emails afterwards!)

What currency do you charge in?

I’m based in the European Union so I charge in euros. Even if you’re in the USA or Canada I’ll bill you in euro, simply because I don’t want to be constantly monitoring exchange rates and taking responsibility for that.


Do you service clients worldwide?

Yep – I have clients all over the world.

What’s your typical turnaround time?

It depends on the project and what my schedule looks like when you book. It would be the type of thing I’d let you know after having a discovery call.

For my retainer clients it’s usually 10-14 days for 1-2 blog posts each month.

When their intake form says “I found you on Google.” 

Need to get in touch? Send me a message by clicking the button below