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The client

Just Sell Homes (JSH) is a digital marketing agency for real estate companies in Canada. They serve a range of companies, from SMBs all the way up to the big brokerages. Founder, Andrew Fogliato, is also a well-sought out speaker and the go-to authority on the topic of real estate marketing. The company has a fun, playful tone-of-voice that really played to my strengths as a copywriter (I am fluent in GIF).

The problem

Andrew and his team had cobbled together their website over the years, adding things here and there as they went along without much strategy. Now that they had grown their team, solidified their offers and were much more established as a company, it was time for their website copy to reflect this growth. As it stood the website led users down dead-ends with broken links, had a confusing user journey and just didn’t reflect their position as a market leader.

Andrew had also had some lukewarm experiences with copywriters in the past who just weren’t able to nail their tone-of-voice.

What I did

I started off where I always start: interviewing customers. JSH were kind enough to assist me in setting up interviews with a handful of their happy clients. These interviews helped me better understand the core problems they were trying to overcome when they found JSH, what hesitations they had before committing, and what their ultimate goals were.

I organized all this voice of customer research into a handy messaging spreadsheet. I plucked out great quotes that spoke to things like their pain points, goals, market awareness and the big benefits of working with JSH. I also gave the team full access to the recordings of these interviews and the transcripts. Now they have a resource they can turn to when coming up with content or messaging ideas that are straight from the mouths of their own clients.

I also repurposed these interviews to whip up some testimonials for the new site to boost the company’s social proof. I unearthed some amazing client results during these interviews which we could now leverage in the website copy and other marketing collateral.

For example, one client was able to tell me that he could attribute approximately $100,000 of revenue to JSH’s services.

Now that I was armed with greater insight into JSH’s clients, it was time to put words to Google doc.

I designed the copy using using tables and shapes etc., to do a basic wireframe. This helps my clients visualize what the copy may look like on the page and is always a big hit with designers!

I also collaborated closely with JSH’s designer, Michael, to review the copy once he had designed the pages. I then made any necessary changes so that both copy and design complemented each other for the best impact, readability and user experience.

Read the copy!

In total I wrote 7 pages for the JSH’s website. I’ve picked out 3 of those below for you to check out.


Andrew’s Speaker Page

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