Email Copywriting Services to generate that sweet, sweet passive income 

Get more sign-ups for your courses by nurturing  subscribers the right way.

Email is still rocking it after 80 years…

 Email ain’t dead. It is still the king when it comes to converting (in that nice, automated, hands-free kinda way that’s all the rage these days).

Getting the right email campaign set up can generate you leads ad infinitum – revenue that comes your way consistently for the one-time price of hiring a charming Irish copywriter like myself.

 Take control of your time

Your time is precious.

Your time is finite as is your willpower.

So, you could spend all day in the DMs of instagram or responding to endless Facebook group questions, trying to “provide value” to strangers for free… or you can earn more money AND get your time back.

Enter email automation, baby.

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Email Copywriting Services: Packages

If you see something you like you can contact me and we’ll set up a call to discuss working together.

 Nurture Email Series 

Perfect for converting new subscribers  when they are most receptive to hearing from you – right after signing up to your list. 

  • Full creative brief
  • Market research and voice of customer report
  • Up to 5 conversion focused emails to move new subscribers through the stages of awareness & prepare them for purchase


Lead Magnet + Nurture Sequence

Let’s get you set-up for email marketing stardom with the perfect lead magnet to attract new subscribers and a solid welcome sequence.

  • E-book lead magnet (max 3,000 words) 
  • Full creative brief
  • Market research and voice of customer report
  • Up to 5 conversion focused emails to move new subscribers through the stages of awareness & prepare them for purchase


If you’ve got a remarkable business, then I’d love work on your email campaign

Does this sound like you?

  • You have a big vision for your business that goes way beyond “make money.” You actually want to make a big impact on the lives of the people you serve
  • You want your business to be so important to your audience that they’d actually miss you if you were gone
  • You understand the value of content that builds a tribe and organically grows a community
  • You don’t want to play it safe by being the same as everyone else 
  • You respect your business too much to go buy hack content-farm articles for $50 a pop
  • You understand the importance of hiring someone who takes the time to do proper research to write something that’ll resonate with your audience & drive conversions 

If all that sounded like you then we could have a great working relationship. If, however, it turned you off working with me then it’s probably best that we part ways now. 


Just fill out this form if you’re interested in possibly hiring me

I’ll get back to you in around 2-3 working days, I can’t wait to hear from you!

Please let me know why you started your business
Not even amazing copy will save a business that only exists to make a lot of money.
Copy works when it serves a specific audience. If your audience is too broad or you don't know why you serve the people you serve the result will always be bland, untargeted messaging (that doesn't convert).
Why do you want to hire someone to write SEO or email copy?

“It’s so comprehensive with every email having a purpose.” 

I was doing nothing with my growing email list. I needed help converting them to clients and didn’t feel like I had the time nor the skills to do it.

The copy sounds like me when I read it!

It’s so comprehensive with every email having a purpose and because it anticipates common behavioural patterns amongst recipients we can create an email exactly for that in order to maximise effectiveness.

Doing the customer interviews wasn’t something I was expecting but I consider it going above and beyond to produce the best work possible for me.

Alex Barron

French in Plain Sight