Sales Pages that *actually* sell

Get a sales page so hot it’ll come with its own warning label

long form sales pages

perfect for high-ticket offers


If you have a high-ticket offer you’ll need a long form sales page. Why? Because the higher the price the more objections you’ll need to overcome in your copy to help alleviate the buyer’s anxiety that your prospect has.

Let me work my wordy magic and whip you up a sales page that obliterates worries and objections from your customers’ minds.


your voice guaranteed

afraid I can't sound like you?

Not only do I use a range of voice analysis software to imitate your brand’s unique voice but you also have two rounds of revisions. That means there is plenty of scope for me to nail your voice (so your customers don’t even realise it wasn’t you who wrote the sales page).

words backed by research, not wild guesses

so we can nail each and every word

My research process is robust and usually involves me interviewing your customers and conducting extensive market research. Without this crucial research phase you won’t really know what to put in your sales page that will actually resonate with your customers-to-be. You’ll be flinging spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks – does that sound like a strategy to you? I hope not…


What's the craic? I'm Kerry...

And when you hire me to be your copywriter you don’t just get a writer – you get a strategist. My writing process is backed by a robust research process that allows me to write the words that your prospects need to hear in order to say YES to buying from you.

I don’t just think about your sales page as a lone ranger – I think about it as a cog within your marketing whole. That means I’m strategic about what goes into it based on the entirety of your customers’ journey.

If you have a launch coming up or sell any kind of high-ticket offer a well-written sales page is a must to boost your conversions.

Want to get a feel for how I work? Keep scrolling!


My Process

We start off with an obligation free discovery call. This helps me get a better idea of the scope of your project, offer recommendations and see if we would be a good fit to work together. I then a send a proposal with the price and if you accept we go onto the next phase.


I send you the copywriting brief. This is a questionnaire where you fill in crucial details about your business.

We then schedule a meeting to go over it in-depth.

We go deep on unconvering your USP, your target audience, your offer and your competitors.



I do additional market research and “voice of customer” mining. This usually involves speaking to your customers in a series of interviews (that’s where we get the real juicy stuff). I also analyse your voice using various software to help me nail your unique voice.



Write, write, write.

You have two rounds of revisions so there is plenty of scope to fine-tune your copy just the way you want it.



Once any revisions are complete I proof read the final copy (almost there!)



You get your copy! Time to publish that bad boy.


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