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The client

Iceberg is a revenue operations consulting and implementation agency working with SMBs. Founder, Taft Love, is a veteran in the operations space and has consulted 5 unicorns, such as Oyster and Pandadoc.

The problem

Most of Iceberg’s clients came by way of Taft’s network. While this is a great position to be in, Taft was also cautious about over-relying on his own network and wanted the company to start generating more inbound leads from search. Apart from this, Iceberg took thought leadership and their brand voice very seriously and were struggling to find a copywriter who both understood how to optimize copy for search engines, while staying true to their brand.

“The first two years we were in business, I struggled to find qualified copywriters,” says Taft, “talented writers who took the time to understand our business were few and far between and I was beyond frustrated trying to find a regular writer.”

Funnily enough, Taft already had a copywriter on his team (the wonderful Annie), but Annie was much more of a brand copywriter and SEO wasn’t in her toolkit so she was happy to refer him to me (#communityovercompetition). “I was referred to Kerry and knew immediately that she was a different breed,” says Taft.

Annie had done a stellar job at creating Iceberg’s brand voice and distilled this into a brand voice guide that I leveraged to nail the company’s tone of voice. In Annie’s words the voice was that of a “fitness instructor”, which suited Iceberg down to the ground.

What I did

After some research and our discovery call I got a feel for the types of services Iceberg provides. They handled a lot of different operations for their clients, from CPQ consulting, to business intelligence and everything in between. I suggested we build out a suite of individual service pages to rank for more specific keywords related to the services.

The reasoning behind was this was simple. Firstly, it was clear that people were searching for the services that Iceberg provides and having a dedicated page per keyword would increase their chances of showing up for those searches, compared to having a vague overall services page. Secondly, terms like “Marketo implementation services” were keywords with high commercial intent. In other words, people searching for those terms are looking to invest in a service provider (enter Iceberg).

I also conducted some competitor research to help us reoptimize Iceberg’s existing pages, such as their homepage, to help pull them up in the search engine results page.


Iceberg saw improvements in their SEO across the board including a 202% increase in organic traffic, 119% increase in impressions, a 38% increase in click-through-rate.

What’s more, Iceberg also achieved various top 5 and top 10 positions of some high-commercial intent keywords that we were hoping to improve rankings for. Some positions made quite dramatic jumps in a short period of time. For example, “hubspot implementation services” which jumped 85 positions, catapulting Iceberg’s page into the top 20. Similarly, Revops as a service, the core keyword we wanted their homepage to rank for, shot up 34 positions into the top 10.

“Kerry has elevated our copywriting and SEO games overnight. She is knowledgeable, her work is excellent, and she is dependable (also hard to find). Kerry is a rare find!” – Taft Love.

Check out the copy for this project!

In total I wrote 10 pages for this services page suite. Check out some samples below.

Hubspot implementation

CPQ consulting

Salesforce services

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