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The most affordable option to help you improve your copy

Let’s get real for a second..not every business owner can afford to hire a copywriter right now. But every business owner deserves to have good copy that works towards their conversions goals.

That’s why I created my website copy “health check” audit.

Many of you are still DIYing your copy – and that’s totally fine. But how do you know if your copy is actually good?

How do you know if your sales page is really enticing to your ideal customer?

How do you know you’re not committing some of the most common copywriting mistakes (that are costing you sales)?

Unfortunately, if you don’t understand how to write copy that sells, entices and persuades then you’re losing sales every single day.


If hiring a copywriter isn’t feasible with the budget you’re on then let me introduce you to…



The low-cost solution to improving your copy



But low-cost doesn’t mean low-value. I go though your website copy or sales page with a fine tooth comb and make sure that every word on it is helping you with your conversion goals.

I don’t just point out where you could improve I also give you ideas and advice about HOW to improve it. That way you walk away with an action plan.

Wondering what things I look at? How I work my Sherlock-esque copywriting sluething on your website? It works in three stages.

Stage 1 of the website copy audit looks at your website as a whole making sure you have all the web pages you need to appear credible.

Stage 2 narrows the focus to each page on your website, checking to see how well you are motivating your visitors towards your call to action and your main objective. 

Stage 3 focuses on the language you use, looking at how well you communicate your key marketing messages.

You also get a 30 minute follow-up call to get some more advice from me about how to implement all the recommendations! 

At the end of this report you’ll also find a useful copywriting checklist you can use for your future copywriting projects.

“Kerry, I’ve just read through the “health check” report you did for our website and I’m soooooo inspired!!! You’ve highlighted the places that could use some extra work, AND given me ideas on HOW to fix it. My team and I have already agreed to meet on Monday morning to start putting this stuff into action because it’s gold!!! Thank you so much!
Kate Bingeman

English coach, English Anywhere

“[Your report] was incredibly helpful. Your insight has given us some very clear guidance on what needs to be done. The way you’ve laid it out has made it very simple to follow [and] your advice will certainly lead to huge improvements in our user experience. Thank you so much!!”
Ian Lacey

English Teacher

Yes, I need this in my life. How do I get an audit?

If you’re interested in getting an audit, simply fill out this form and I’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

Just so there are no awkward moments later, I don’t automatically accept every request for an audit. First I’ll look at your website and read over your form and decide to go ahead on that basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you rewrite my copy?
Negative. An audit does not involve me rewriting any of your copy (that would fall under web copywriting services). I will analyse your copy, highlight your problem areas and offer ways that you can improve it.
How quickly do you do it?
I do your audit within 72 hours (if you booked during the weekday). I don’t work on Saturdays because I believe in having a work-life balance – I hope you do too.
Who isn't a good fit for this service?
I work mainly with service-based businesses, particularly in the niche of online education. If you have an ecommerce site I’m not your copywriter.
What about long-form sales pages?
If you would like me to do an audit for both a long form sales page (3,000+ words) and a full website then the cost will increase. This is because it will take me more time to go through and review the copy.

If, however, you just want me to go through your long-form sales page the price is the same (€130).

I quote this service based on the individual needs of the client

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